Sony xperia z ultra review

But while it comes equipped with some powerful internals, it misses the mark on other features that could have made this enormous Android handset a winner among phablets. Sony used to be at the forefront of gadget design, but its recent line of Android handsets seems to be stuck in time. The Xperia Z Ultra is one of the biggest devices in the current phablet market. Sony also packed the Xperia Z Ultra in a dustproof, water-resistant encasing, which is beneficial if you like to enjoy the outdoors or just hang out by the pool.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra review: Big and dangerously thin

The device is not very rugged, however: Also, although I enjoyed watching Hulu Plus and playing games on the device, the one speaker on the side sometimes sounded too strained for boombox-style volume blasting. The Xperia Z Ultra runs on the now-standard 2. Its battery life is extremely disappointing.

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The camera lacks an exterior flash. Video quality was also passable. Sony has confirmed that Android 4.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra (Unlocked) Review & Rating |

It consists of black edges, thin and narrow fonts, and icons that are a significant departure from the flat look that Android sports in Kit Kat. It feels as if Sony would have had a hit if it had just released a small tablet instead. I never changed the battery it's still working fine. Still can't believe this phone came out over 5 years ago. Continues to look absolutely gorgeous. Wonderful Sony build quality. I supplemented mine with an official Sony CP12 battery case to give me even more life on the road.

The magnetic charging is a great alternative to keep your micro USB port intact. Large , bright screen. Bezels for days. FM radio that doesn't rely on internet connection. Granted the cameras are terrible.

Big screen for feature presentations

No flash for low light conditions either. Z Ultra.

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I felt the point of the Ultra brand was highest specs and largest screen possible. I loved my Xperia Z Ultra, it was so big and fast, only downside was no flash, however there is Instagram filters and Snapchat not needing one was my solution.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra

I thought it's weird that the T2 is a downgrade, and T3 the screen size is smaller. Ughh, why!

So anyways, I bought the T2 cause I cracked my screen after a year. There's no good large screens on the market, Samsung brand sucks, Nexus 6 is to heavy. Make your next Ultra with highest specs and largest screen possible, that's it.

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Why downgrade? After one year, it reaches that price point anyways! The you can resell to other parts of the world. I first bought this phone in September but unfortunately after two months,it was stolen tho I tried tracking it but all was in vain.

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I bought a used one from OLX. Is it possible for me to get this phone direct from your shops and at how much. M not letting it go soon coz its still my favorite phone come rain come sunshine.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra user ratings and reviews

To me Sony Xperia Z Ultra is everything and its the only phone that suits my requirements. Please wait. Android 5.