Dooors level 73 walkthrough android

Level 83 Tap the bird. Drop it into the pot. Take bug and put into pot. Take mushroom and put into pot. Take flying bug and put into pot. Take berries and put into pot. Take key. Level 84 Tap midle left, midle right, top left, buttom right, top right, bottom Left. Level 85 Move your fingure over the symbol like up down for first. Level 86 Tap the door and move all the red into it Level 87 Tap the button as color from Right to top.

Level 88 Just touch the green mail box. If not drag the color gift box to the correct mailbox Level 89 swipe the door following the direction from left side to right side: Level 91 Move the key Pussing with box. Use the key and open the door Level 92 Tap the hen. Pick the hamber and bit it. Pick the sword and cut down the door. Level 94 Shake the phone swipe your finger to make the full on right hole Level 95 get the fire extinguisher and put it back.

Touch the red button on top middle. Tilt your phone and make the fire extinguisher hit all 4 switch. Pick the pipe and hit the solder. Level 98 tap the real planet size from small to big. Counting Earth on 4 Tap as 6 5 4 2 3 1 Level 99 tap the cutting board and kill The cockroach. Level Get the stones and place it on the hole of that size.

100 Doors Level 68 – Level 73 Walkthrough / Solution

A stone is on Top side of? Level Sagar Devkota. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Yes a difficult one. Pick the Stone. Pick the buket Put it just before the water tap. Pick the bucket again Distroy the fire.

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Pick th Bulb. Pick the Cutter on the floor Cut the chain.

100 Doors: Level 68 Solution

The Stone is Hanged Downward. Upside down your mobile. I dont know But click that image on side as shown in the centre.

Dooors Level 73 Walkthrough Guide

Mix Water and Fire. Do it Fast. Pick the sawal light all the candle. Pick the Bucket. Dont Care the number on the top. Fill the color according the color of card symbol. There are 5 board on floor touch the colors as mention. First square is made already. Tap the weapons in order of power: You can move the Moving object tilting phone upside sown. Easy one. Just tap the Buttons 1,2,3 and the bed buttons in every dots.

Walkthrough for Dooors Level 61-75 update

Those White are a like wind. For first left Select Red Red up then arrange same color. Tap switches in order shown by arrows: The difficulty is that only one disk may be moved at a time and that no disk may be placed on top of a smaller disk. To solve level 69 of Doors you have to enter all animal names at the door. The names of the animals are: If the entered word is correct the respective animal turns green. Here we have the solution screenshot for level 69 of Doors:.

In this level you have to arrange the arrows. Every arrow has to point in the direction of the digit one in the same color. So the solution is: In level 71 you have to count the keys. There are 4 red keys, 0 yellow keys, 5 green keys and 3 blue keys. At the door the color and the number is displayes, while the number raises with every second.

You have to click at the door, whenever the number at the door match with the number of keys in this color. For example in this screenshot we have to click the door, because there are four red keys in the room. In level 72 of Doors, we have to transfer the degrees on top of the door into the numbers at the clock. Set their position to the following. Top left: Bottom left, facing bottom left.

Locked Doors Level 73 Archives - App Cheaters

Top right facing top right and bottom right facing bottom right. Dooors Level 74 Solution. Tap lights 1,3 and 5. Then hit the main red light you see on the wall. Tap the door to open it and see the rock.

Tilt your iPhone, iPad or Android device to the right to slide the rock off screen and exit the room. Dooors Level 75 Walkthrough. Tap the orange box in the bottom left. It will move and reveal a button. Select your gun and shoot them in the color of the tower statue on the floor. Green, Red, Blue, Yellow and finally purple. Tap the door to open it.