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A few software oddities. In the world smartphones there have been typically two choices to go with: This is, perhaps, the first credible iPhone competitor to emerge on the Android scene in recent memory. Small, waterproof, packing a Get the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact on AmazonIt seems the companies have figured it out — smaller form factors aren't a fringe product but are in very real demand. Hot design and waterproof body, Fantastic camera, Snapdragon performance, Battery life.

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Tad thicker, Downgraded flash compared to the larger flagship, Rear of the phone is a fingerprint magnet. Sony has decided to follow in the footsteps of other smartphone providers and offer a smaller version of its flagship phone in the form of the Xperia Z1 Compact.

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Unlike other manufacturers, however, Sony's accomplished this feat with few, if any, downside Excellent performance, display and camera. Outstanding battery life. Useful powersaving and multimedia features. Glitchy haptic feedback, cheapfeeling plastic back and fixed screen protector. No KitKat update timetable. And big screens definitely have their advan High performance, Bright screen, Outstanding battery runtime, Temperature development, Picture quality, IP certification.

Sony Xperia Z

Purchase price, Scratch sensitive back, Speaker quality. A manufacturer has finally succeeded in launching a smaller version of a premium top-seller on the market featuring almost the same innards. They share the same OmniBalance design that's typical for Sony's smartphones, they're both waterproof, and they both pack the hardware specs we've come to To say that the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is a remarkable device would be a huge understatement. It is a phone that boldly breaks the status quo among Android high-ends — a phone the very existence of which proves that a top-notch Android device can come Best screen on a Sony smartphone to date, Battery is a gift that keeps on giving, Flagship performance in a compact size, Waterproof and built to last.

Not as friendly to the palm as curvier phones, Camera is hindered by over-processing of images, Doesn't ship with the latest version of Android, but does include bloatware.

Sony Xperia Z1 Price in Malaysia & Specs | Harga | iPrice

One thing that's been consistently true of Sony's OmniBalance design — "symmetry in all directions," as the company defines it — is that it looks better than it feels. Introduced with the Xperia Z a year ago, this design language has propagated throughout Android has improved hugely, but as it evolved every year, the screen size of the top Android devices also increased. We grew from having 4-inch phones to 4. Flagship-caliberspecs, Premium build quality, Excellent performance, long battery life, Great camera, Improved display offers better viewing angles than older Sony handsets.

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More expensive than other "mini" phones, Minor software issues. Last year, Sony finally reached the end of the alphabet with its Xperia Z. It wasn't just that the company ran out of letters, though: With the Xperia Z, we saw Sony streamline its scattered phone strategy, piping all its attention into a single high-end High-end Android smartphones have been successfully competing with the iPhone for quite some time now, but despite their undeniable popularity, there's one ubiquitous differentiating feature that sticks out like a sore thumb — each and every recent And Relatively small display, Minor UI issues.

Well, we've asked for it, and a smartphone maker has finally delivered. Taking a different approach than Samsung and HTC, Sony has decided that "mini" shouldn't mean sup-par, and has configured the Xperia Z1 Compact with the same top-end specifications as its flagship smartphone to attract those looking for a powerful, pint-s Smaller screen can be fiddly for typing, Camera button is a bit of a disaster. It's been a long road to market for Sony 's pint-sized powerhouse, the Xperia Z1 Compact.

Excellent system performance; Mobile broadband speeds are solid; Fantastic design and build quality; Built to survive a chance encounter with the elements; Better battery life than its big brother;. Camera has load of megapixels, but will only spit out either an 8 megapixel image if you actually want controls like the Z1 ; No 4K shooting;.

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Not a fan of big phones? Hefty on small hands. The Sony Xperia Z1 was released to generally favorable reception in the latter part of , mostly owing to its best-in-class And just around six months later, out pops its successor, the Xperia Z2. Understandably, the short space of time Premium design, Gorgeous screen that's perfect for movies. Premium price, Big, uncompromising build gets awkward, Bits of bloatware, Only 16GB of storage built in. With the Xperia Z1 just six months old, this new Sony flagship could be accused of making only incremental upgrades.

However, the Z2 is more than just a rejigged Z1, thanks to a new 5. The first quarter of is proving to be an exciting time for smartphone owners, particularly of the Android variety. In fact, we are seeing more than a fair share of high-end smartphones coming from major players like HTC, Samsung and Sony, as well as Now that Samsung has finally taken the curtains off one of the most exciting products in the entire MWC show — the Galaxy S5 , how does it stack up against all the other flagship smartphones from mainstream companies like Sony and LG?

Both Sony and L You may not realize it but with our phones and tablets, we tend to live our life around them rather than get devices that let you live the way you want to live. What I mean by that is for the most part a lot of us continue to want faster, thinner, and a b The Sony Xperia Z2 is an update to the Z1, and features a It includes an 8x digital zoom, along with a front facing 2.

HD video record Technology has reached a state where making phone calls is far from a phone's most frequently used feature. Instead, people use their phones to look up stuff on the web, to access social networks, and, of course, to take photos and videos. That's why man Sleek and minimalistic design, Waterproof, Earphone and docking station are included, Brilliant camera, Long battery life,.

The display is dim, The earphone is not a noise-cancelling model, Camera module placement is not ideal, sometimes it is blocked by your fingers, Poor signal reception for both cellular and Wi-fi connections, Now, I can partly understand why the Sony Xperi I was waiting a few months for the phone to be available in the North America market but it keep We've already taken a look at the LG G3 pitted against the Samsung Galaxy S5 , and now it's time for another popular flagship to enter the ring against LG's latest and greatest.

Sony has followed a strategy of small steps over the past year or so, and has With a new flagship handset out of the gate we're looking at you, LG G3 , it's time for us to sit down, power up the calibrators, get our magnifying glasses, and do a nice and detailed inspection of what we're dealing with when it comes to that gigantic, When my HTC One M7 smartphone ended up as roadkill off my motorcycle, more than a few cars passed over it.

Cheapest Sony Xperia Z2 Price in Malaysia is RM 452.23

I decided to get a Sony Xperia Z1 for a few months before the Z2 came out. Now that it has, I can give you the full details between both models, and The smartphone market is as competitive as ever with LG's new G3 about to hit the shops, but how does it compare to the Sony Xperia Z2? The Xperia Z2 is the older out of these two phones and so its price has come down since launch — Sony's official price i We're tech geeks.

We're the kind of folks that friends and family consult with prior to buying a new gadget.

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And when it comes to smartphones, it usually boils down to one thing — the great majority of people who are about to get one want it to take good The G3 is the first phone from a first-tier brand to come with a Quad HD x The best Sony display to date. Great battery life and performance. Camera has improved upon an already solid offering. There wasn't a single thing the Z2 didn't do well. Camera software could still use some tweaking.

Cheapest Sony Xperia Z1 Price in Malaysia is RM 429.00

A few design and software annoyances. Highend competitors offer similarly wellrounded packages. During the first half of we've seen a trilogy of top-tier smartphone releases from three major players, starting with the excellent HTC One M8, the refined Samsung Galaxy S5 and rounding things up, the Sony Xperia Z2. There's certainly no shortage of Over the past several weeks, we've been enjoying the presence of the Sony Xperia Z2 at our office. We gave it the review treatment it deserved, we compared it thoroughly against many of its high-end rivals, and we even featured it in a recent blind cam