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It is the non-sealed mud-filled types that go from zero to twisted in a single cycle in my experience. Tires are usually inflated to or close to their rated maximum: I usually have wide 2.

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I have the wide tires for comfort and for going around bendy lanes. All of those other factors are usless. Tangent of 15 degree slope is. That same. Which gets me to the following: That being said, I was surprised at the route proposed — until I saw the date of publication Why was I surprised? Plus, honestly, the route is boring: This is why the date made sense to me: From lunar L2 you could end up at the Earth-Sun L1 for extremely little energy. So orbits out there are super-complicated.

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If the discs are counter-rotating at the exact same speed I assume they would be geared that way anyway , there would be no net angular momentum, and would turn as easily as if they were stopped. Having not read the original story, perhaps that is the reason that the slowdown was needed. We do password getaway codes.. I dont think wimhursts will do it either, too high of voltage and too little current. You would be better off running a generator to power the drive electronics.

If you really wanted to you could make the generators the wheels to keep it in your bike form factor. You are correct about Wimhursts. There are a lot of non-Xe ion thruster designs out there: Iodine, for instance, has been used in Hall effect thrusters with good thrust-to-power ratios, and iodine is an order of magnitude cheaper. There are also some designs using mercury.

Hg would offer a very good density, a small tank. You could use krypton, it is cheaper but has a lower mass so less thrust. Xenon is just rare, I dont think there is anything you can do about it. After looking at xenon for a project I came up with a way to extract it from old xenon arc lamps. Most arc lamps are pressurized to about bar so if you are doing low pressure plasma stuff where you dont need much they can be a cheap supply of xenon.

Having a fixed allocation for fuel is unfair, since it favors smaller riders. This is a sport, after all. Also, I think you vastly underestimate the amount of uumph you need to go from one orbit to another. Hope the docking station has a very stout bungee cord. I like the general idea, though, and certain ion engines are the way to go. I just think you need to start with a less demanding race course. The more significant thing is how self-sufficient the bikes have to be.

Which is the most I can expect from a Hackaday article, so thank you for your post. Then you could also have the race be insanely longer, because when they stop at the waypoints they coast until the next orbital transfer point. Years ago, I was working with a group that had a large building with a zero-friction air table as a floor. We used it to simulate space docking, etc. I got the bright idea, what if we gave folks something like a chair and a fire extinguisher. They could race a course by using the fire extinguisher as a rocket engine, directing the thrust as you needed to control both your path and your attitude in retrospect, a big rudder might be nice.

Instead of racing a 2-d course on an air table, how about a 3-d course in some zero-g habitat? The track could have twists and turns in all directions like some gigantic bowl of spaghetti. My buddies and I had access to a similar facility in college and decided to try tobogganing using a couple of big plastic trays from the cafeteria only to find we were going too fast to stop when we reached the far end. It hurt.

A lot. The English have a way with words you gotta admire. Instead of the fire extinguisher, You try a backpack blower. Also has an Ion wind pinwheel available to demonstrate a simple thruster albeit at atmospheric pressure, so more mass available kickstarter. But first.. Medicine for the common cold viruses and we figured out what in cigarette tar and e-cigarettes causes cancer. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies. Learn more. The Tech: Wimshurst machine demo. Report comment. Should weigh a lot less than an extra ion engine, too. The gyroscopic effect of each of the two disks will cancel out. A trained athlete can probably do more then W for longer periods….

You people do realize there have been ion engines in use for decades right? It could also be isolated in a small chamber filled with a noble gas like argon. Scratch that, xenon is a noble gas of course. Just put the Wimshursts inside the fuel tank. Not anymore… Thanks to the first reply for the video, I laughed out loud: Pretty much TLDR; I could care less if you cant makes ends meat cause your government blah blah blah… Take some personal responsibility for your life and quit being such a limey douche… I unavoidably saw something about my gun being taken from me, thats such a UK attitude and also why you pansies outlawed guns, knives, and if the Acid post on here was any indication, that as well.

If that is so then throwing a nuke your way would be a civil war!!! Unferium No one deserves to be hit by a car. Hey, at least these two are using traditional units, rather than all that metric crap. Or spinward on the theory that they can stop the spin and free float. What would an actual reasonable amount of acceleration be from one of these? I had thought about doing a quick dismissive rebuttal based on some under considered numbers such as: I mean the race story is highly improbable but maybe in years….

How many watts am I using when I am thrashing my bike about fast, whereas follows: Makes sense also: Ride safe. Chocolate and bacon.

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