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Realm of gods and heroes. Realm of blood and battle. Join the brave Viking warriors to protect Asgard! Asgard Run is an award winning, combat endless runner. Toucharcade review: Unprecedented depth for its class, awesome visuals, and fun for anyone. Run, fight, jump, fly, rotate!

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The Helheim Weather channel reported falling skies! Potions and Lifestones will save your life! Reviews Review Policy. Get a free weapon for each of your heroes!

Temple Run 2

View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. Ayopa Games See more. Ayopa Games. Arcade action and RPG-like leveling combine in the explosive shooter M. Logic Dots 2. The scenery is impressive, and the game offers a mystery aspect, as Lara Croft tries to expose a conspiracy that poses a dire threat to the world. In the game run like hell the gamers need to run, jump and crawl as savages chase them with the spears.

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The environment in this game is like ancient ruins, jungle tracks. The gamers have to pass through obstacles as they move on. This game has three models including endless, story, time trails.

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It has over 30 levels. In the story mode, there are 3 mode leaderboard, achievements, and challenges.

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Life runner is scrolling game where your character appears to be like stick. The stick has to be guided through obstacles in the path. You will be enjoying jumping and roll over through obstacles. The main aim of the game is to beat other competitors as fast you can. The game is created in the fast pace. The challenge and difficulty level increase as you move to upper level. This is a sequel of falling fred.

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In this game, the player is put into the shoe of a helpless hero who has to run for the living. There are many traps in this game and also include acrobatic movements. There are options of choosing from multiple characters. To some extent, the game resamples Prince of Persia. This game is developed by miniclip. The environment of the game is built in underground mines. There are six different themes caverns, spider nests, mushroom halls, waterfalls and dead cities.

Players have to swipe to avoid signals and dodge obstacles through the rail tracks. There are several missions like jump 20 times, entering secret level 5 times, leveling up from the passerby to notice. The game requires collecting of coins which will power up with wood ram, super magnet force, etc.

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The game has characters like Ace Upsleave, Charles longshot, etc. The players can collect rock eggs which offer extra nuggets. The game is quite fast, and it requires more focusing after a certain distance. The graphics are excellent; it has integration with Facebook and Twitter. Some of these are popular games, and others are less well known, but all are definitely enjoyable and will keep you occupied for many happy hours, days, weeks…! You can share your choices by letting us know in the comments box below, or tell us what you think of any of the above games.

It appeals to a wide range of audience while gaming on the smartphone.