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It worked out for me in Bulgaria as of 2nd Dec ! Can't tell you how happy am I! Thanks again, really made it with no problems! So thanks for the great trick! I can't say how happy I am right now! Hope it starts working also for the rest of the folks here! I suppose I could try to get a visa debit card from US, that would perhaps take a zip code Hello there i have about k US apple IDs i want to sell them for a cheapest price if anyone interesting add me on facebook. The instructions above worked for me.

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Note that the option for "none" is at the end of the usual payment types visa, MasterCard etc. I think this is old article, earlier even I used to follow this trick. I guess recently Apple has changed their policy and you can not register with "None". Mr Sunil,the catch is- do not try to create a new ID from withinn settings app itself,instead open the app store and try to download some app,now when it asks for an Apple ID,create one,now you see,same stting app opens to let you create Apple ID but with "none" paying option this time. Hi, I can't seem to figure out the problem I'm having when making the account I have VPN on, I made sure the zip code and the location info is correct, but I keep on getting "for assistance contact itunes support at Any ideas?

Great apps like Google Maps are not available in Pakistani store. Don't know why. When will it be available in Pak store? Apple seems to be very meticulous to get those credit cards numbers.

Change your Apple ID country or region

So vpn may help. Even if i chceked NONE option it wont go further. Jonny Hotchkiss has not followed the instructions properly. It works fine and we are now November If you select None, you will be asked to provide a payment method when you make your first purchase Should let you download from US store. Ive tested Free apps, Works well. Your headline should include the fact that it is Apple's store you are talking about. I clicked hoping to find out about a new app store called "US App Store.

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Why You Can’t Just Change Your Account’s Country

Tied this Sept , from ITunes desktop app on windows, it does not have the None button: Works as of August 1, Thank you so much for the tips! Thanks for this. You are a genius!! Worked fine from Switzerland - June 2, Worked just fine this Dec 7, , thanks!!

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It always says "For assistance, contact iTunes Support Yes I got that too! Was wondering if anyone could answer the question How come it won't push through? Thx, it still works using itunes under windows You'll need to create a new account, as shown in the instructions in the article above. Me too!!

Download Apps From Any Country's App Store (Incl. US & UK) 📱🌍

You agree not to use or attempt to use the App and Book Services from outside these locations. Apple may use technologies to verify your compliance. So we aren't allowed to travel, go to school in other countries, and all of the other reasons someone may be temporarily outside the US for a period of time. I think that you are reading more into that than Apple intends.

Sometimes I have noticed that some apps have updates and I update them. Sometimes I need an app for whatever reason while traveling and I buy it. Sometimes I want to share a sng in my iCloud and download it. There have been plenty of folks offering methods to scam a US account. It is becoming a moot point with so many countries getting new stores from Apple.

Anyone Can Download Apps From The US App Store: Here Is How

I am simply copying and pasting from the Terms of Use document. I am only advising the OP according to Apple's clearly stated policy or rather providing the information so the OP can read it. My interpretation is it says that even if you are a US resident citizenship has nothing to do with it, just to be clear and have a valid US account you agree not to use the US Store while outside the USA.

If you're on vacation you make your purchases and updates before you leave. If you are relocating then you change your account country. If you go to school in a different country then you take up residency in that country. If you aren't there for that long then you don't, but then you're not supposed to use the store anywhere it is not an inalienable right.

One may not consider the terms fair but they are the pretty clearly stated. Just because you were able to use the store when in a different country does not mean it is always possible and Apple may prevent it , nor was it according to the official Apple policy and we have to use those as guidelines in this forum. Then we shall have to agree to disagree. I think yours is a strict interpretation beyond Apple's intent. You believe you have it correct. The OP will have to decide what is best for them. Dec 13, I know you are not a native speaker of English but what is vague about the wording in, "The App and Book Services are available to you only in the United States, its territories, and possessions.

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Apple may use technologies to verify your compliance"? Sentence 1 clearly states since this is quoted from the US terms page that you only have access to the services while in the USA and related geographic entities. If you step into Mexico with both feet you are no longer in the USA. Easy to interpret.

While both feet are in Mexico you are in Mexico. Sentence 2 very clearly clearly states that you agree not to try to use the store from outside the USA. Nothing about a time period. Sentence 3 clearly states that Apple may not necessarily will check if you are trying to do something you are not supposed to. The wording is not cryptic phrasing. I know you don't like what it says and try to interpret it another way. Apple's intent is pretty clear. It isn't trying to be mean to you. It simply is not allowing the cross-border distribution of material from the stores, just like it won't send you a computer from an Apple Store in the USA if you want it shipped to Sweden.

End of discussion. Just because you got away with using the store from outside the country and I am sure many people do does not mean it is a permissible interpretation of clearly stated terms, especially not in this forum where our responses are supposed to be in accordance with legal and Apple policy lines. Apple may or may not monitor things, just as the police here may, or may not, monitor speeders. I do know I have seen posts where people clearly encountered issues that were pretty certainly due to Apple monitoring activity. Probably in many cases they don't.