Samsung galaxy note 2 gps navigator

After you adjust the route to fit your preferences, you will be greeted with the main navigation screen. A large banner at the top shows you your next turn, and a smaller one at the bottom displays the remaining distance, the time of arrival, and the estimated time of travel.

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As you continue on your journey, Waze will alert you about police patrols, car accidents, road closures, and other surprises that you can run into on the road. The main premise behind Waze is to use up-to-date information gathered from all users of the application to shave off time from your drive and help you reach your destination as fast as possible.

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On one hand, the application does a good job of actually getting you where you want to go fast. However, on the other hand, the navigation will often take you on weird routes that are seldom used by local residents. All this crisscrossing across a town or city can be rather tiring and can sometimes even take longer than if you just used the main road like everyone else. Still, Waze excels at helping you avoid traffic congestions, accidents, and police patrols. Waze also automatically learns your frequent destinations, commuting hours, and preferred routes, to provide you with semi-automatic navigation experience.

Samsung Galaxy Note II - Use GPS navigation in Google Maps | Vodafone Ireland

Some features such as the traffic jam indicator and the ability to search for the cheapest gas on a route are quite handy, but others, including a selection of celebrity voices, are definitely not. You can plan the route while on Wi-Fi to force the app to save the navigational data into cache, but you risk losing them by accident when you close the application or restart your phone.

A recent report powered by True Booster, which is an advanced booster, cleaner, and all around utility to improve your phone and help you find better apps, has shed some light on the performance differences between Google Maps and Waze. Waze also consumed about Overall, we can conclude that Google Maps is better optimized and more data efficient than Waze. Google Maps ended up being the overall winner in this comparison. The application is much more versatile than Waze, comes with a solid offline support, and its minimalistic user interface takes virtually no time getting used to.

This does require your Note 2 to be rooted. If you're not already rooted, you can check out my rooting guide for instructions. Also, make sure to back up your Note 2 before continuing. To create your custom gps. From there, you have a few settings that you can configure, from the location to the type of file you want.

I set a specific location, but you can leave it at global if you want. I left the other two settings as is Generic, Google.

Once you're ready, you can tap on Install to reboot your device so that your customized gps. If you want to restore your old settings, go to Settings and choose Restore your backup to go back to your ROM default files or Reset your custom profile to setup the app again from scratch. And that's pretty much it. If you ever change or update your ROM, this patch will likely be overwritten, so just make sure to redo the patch if you're experiencing GPS problems after that. What would previously take seconds or sometimes even minutes was now instantaneous. Test it out for yourself and see what kind of results you get.

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Samsung Galaxy Note II

Yes of course I am rooted. Does it have to do with the country location? I just redid mine now and still wont work. Settings is Asia then Philippines, Generic and google. Still did not work. The Maps application does not cover every country or city. Step 1: From the Home screen, tap Apps. Step 2: Tap Settings.

Step 3: Go to More tab. Then tap Location services. Step 4: Tap the slider next to Access to my location to switch on. When tapped, a pop-up will appear regarding Location consent , tap Agree..

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

You will see under Location sources , checkboxes next to Use GPS satellites and Wi-Fi mobile network location will be ticked automatically though you can choose to tick either one , meaning, all location sources are already enabled. Selecting Use GPS satellites allows you to locate places of interest at the street-level. However, this also requires a clear view of the sky and uses more battery power. Now, you can start using Google Maps app by doing the following: Go back to the Home screen and tap Apps. Tap Maps.

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