Check telephone line no dial tone

By performing these quick tests you will help us send the right technician; in fact you may not need a technician at all. Just click on a question from the list below to view the answer.

How to troubleshoot for no dial tone

It is likely that the problem is caused by telephone equipment failure. Disconnect the non-working phone and plug it into a wall jack that has a working telephone connected. If you still do not hear a dial tone after moving the phone, the problem is most likely in the telephone you unplugged.

If you hear dial tone after moving the telephone it means that the problem is most likely in your jack or wiring to the jack. These instructions may help you fix the problem yourself. Following these instructions first can help you better understand where the source of your trouble resides. Testing at the NID: Open the NID box.

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Show me. Remove the modular plug from the test jack. Plug a working phone into the test jack. Attempt to place a call. Unplug Test: Unplug all of the following devices from both their electrical outlet and their phone jack: Then plug a corded phone into each of your phone jacks and try to place a call. If the noise stops the static is probably associated with the last piece of equipment you unplugged.

Checking inside: Are your jacks and wiring working?

If the noise continues throughout the process, there is a good chance the service problem is associated with your wiring or jacks. How to troubleshoot for no dial tone. Checking outside: Is signal getting to your home? The NID links the telephone network to the wiring inside your home. It's where our outside wiring meets your inside wiring. NIDs are usually 6" by 9" gray boxes attached to the outside wall of your home.

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If you don't see it outside, look in your basement or attic. Outdoor NID.

Indoor NID. If you live in an apartment, ask your building manager. If you live in a mobile home, the NID may be attached to a pole on your lot. Test your outdoor NID. Use a screwdriver to open the cover marked "Customer Access. Plug a working, corded telephone into the test jack.

Did you know? Our techs start troubleshooting exactly the way we're recommending you do. If would like to see these steps demonstrated, watch this video: Technicians use a "test phone" to check for signal. It's helpful to have a test phone handy when you're having phone problems.

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It makes troubleshooting much quicker and easier. Checking inside: Are your jacks and wiring working? To isolate the problem: Hang up all your phones. Double check they're all hung up correctly.