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These keys contain: Multiple Product Codes may be seen and all of them need to be removed. A key that contains a long string, like: Open the Windows Registry Editor regedit. This contains a key for each tenant that contains a long string, like: Related Posts. February 18th, 0 Comments. December 6th, 19 Comments. December 3rd, 0 Comments. Free for up to 1 year! Select preferred deployment: Companies that are open source have a different agenda.

I'll be perfectly honest Elastix and the other asterisk distros have quite a few rough edges.

Overview of 3CX Phone System Version 15 Free Edition

I had a yum update wipe overwrite my amprotal. You have to install into virtualbox and rebuild the ramdisk image mkinitrd. Or, you can just install directly from 2. To some people, these little things are major headaches. The fact that you even tried to perform a yum update is defeating the purpose of Elastix.


The point of things like Elastix is that you should not be touching these parts of the system. Yes, you can, but generally should not need to for the majority of installations. As for using Hyper-V for your Elastix install, I have no idea what you are doing wrong. I installed it on my Server test box with no issues. It is very little used in comparison to Asterisk, of course. Why do Windows people prefer it?

I've wondered this for a while. To use Elastix requires no Linux experience or exposure as this is an appliance - everything is exposed only through the web interface. Like any appliance, the purpose is to make things easier than doing management of an app plus the OS. Sure if you want to drop to Linux you can, but Elastix does not expect you to do that.

Version 14

I'm not sure why you are saying that. Elastix simply provides an additional front end to FreePBX which is a front end for asterisk , along with a few other services. The only real difference is who is maintaining it, and how they choose to deploy it. I agree that normally you'd want to avoid updating a production server Obviously, there were issues with the update process That was just my prerogative.

That's the whole point of staging before you deploy. My point though, was that obviously no one bothered to adequately test these things before they put it into the elastix repo.

License Key Is Already in Use - 3CX

Its a stark difference from most commercial software. It doesn't make elastix bad, and obviously it was my choice to update, but its like I said - rough edges. I don't think updating a year old software is really unreasonable, and the failures present seemed to be quite basic and easily preventable just not obvious to an asterisk novice.

Anyways, I guess what I'm getting at is that you can't just brush off the problems I had and say "oh you shouldn't have done that".

Version 12.5

The maintainers of Elastix create the distro, control what updates I see, mark the updates as "stable" and release them. If the updates are important to me, and they effectively break the system, then that really isn't on me. It just means the update process requires the user to tinker and fix things. Don't get me wrong.

Since it is open source, I came in expecting some issues like this. It still represents the best value to me so far, so I'm still trying to make it work. The Elastix portion of the endeavor hasn't been that bad so far - I've been able to get over these issues I had I'm just pointing out that such things do exist, and it did require some command line work.

That is probably why you didn't have problems. The timing in most host based VM's is still awful though.

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I hear bare-metal hypervisors do better though i. As for DAHDI, it is not relevant as you are not going to be passing hardware through it in the first place. Almost no legacy POTS gear the only thing you need dahdi for is supported for hypervisor hardware pass through.

On the security front, I will agree with you that it could be better, but that is the price you pay for ANY packaged system. You will always have to wait for the system developers to release a patch. The fact that Elastix allows you to get around it at your own risk is simply a bonus for those with the knowledge and skills. Elastix is designed as an appliance that you never do anything to outside of the web interface.

Yes they are both wrappers on FreePBX at a high level, but that does not mean they are the same thing. Yes I suppose comparing Hyper-V within and Esxi is not fair. Sure Hyper-V in server still technically has direct access to the hardware, but the host OS also has priority and quite a few things suffer as a result. I guess I should have said "host dependent" instead of "host based".

I suppose you could run the free standalone Hyper-V server in core mode, but honestly Hyper-V's value to me is only when running alongside the standard Windows OS. As far as dahdi goes, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it still used for conferences and IVRs? In terms of security, I place very high importance on it. I will be the first one to agree that you should have proper network protection The same is probably true even with proprietary vendors, but you probably won't have too many of those bugs publicly reported.

The bottom line is that, personally, I don't see this as some "optional" thing. For my purposes, its a requirement. Security in layers is necessary.

Where is the License Key for Free Edition?

Are you talking from in terms of the Elastix maintainer's philosophy or something like that? I didn't really have to know more or less to do the same thing. I was running the same version of asterisk, making extensions and setting up trunks. Once you navigate to the correct spot, its not even all that dissimilar. At that point the only source of the hack would be your trunk provider.

Then maybe you need to run Asterisk raw and do it all yourself. From here you can review all your keys, where they are bound to and unbind them if needed. How to solve it? Commonly this happens in the below cases: The selected FQDN hostname is very common e. You have installed the PBX already once before while using a different hostname during first time v15 installation. Case A In this case you must pick another name. Commercial Keys Login Every 3CX licence key has a corresponding unique user allowing you login to https: Release Once successfully logged in you will be presented with the status of your license key.

Free for up to 1 year! Select preferred deployment: Get the ISO. On-Premise for Windows as a VM. Download the setup file. On the cloud In your Google, Amazon, Azure account. Take the PBX Express.