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How to customize Galaxy Note 4 notification tone with your own audio files?

Show More. Face-to-Face Support. Want help now? How to find my Model Number? Type Click to Expand. Click to Expand. But if there are any whistles in a public area, you may not know whether it is from your Galaxy Note 4. So, the first thing you can do is to customize Galaxy Note 4 notification tone by choosing a different one. Go to Settings — Sound , tap Notifications as shown below. You can use any audio files as long as they can be recognized by Galaxy Note 4 as your notification tone.

Once the phone is recognized by the PC, you can copy the MP3 file to the Notifications folder in the phone storage as shown below.

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Once the audio file, e. You can go to Settings — Sound — Notifications. If the audio file is in the phone, you may use ES File explorer or some other apps to set it as the notification tone directly.

Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Change Message Tone with Three Easy Ways

Of course, you can use My Files app to copy the audio file to the Notifications folder. You can not only customize Galaxy Note 4 default notification tone, but also customize notification tone message tone for individuals in your contact list. If you are asked to select an app to finish the action, tap Media storage , then tap Just once as shown below. You can choose one notification tone from the available notification tones, which includes both pre-installed notifications tones and any audio files in the Notifications folder.

Please remember, you are still in contact editing mode. You must tap Save in the top right as shown below to save the modifications. Otherwise, nothing will be changed!!!!!! For WhatsApp messages, you can customize the notification tone for each contact so that you can easily know who is messaging you.

Set a Text Notification Alert on Samsung® GALAXY S4

WhatsApp can use the ringtone settings in your contact. Please note WhatsApp does not use the message tone in the contact. We will try to help you find a solution. More how-to guides , tips and tricks for using Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are available at Galaxy Note 4 how-to guides page. It seems to ba a 1 tone does all notifications on the note 4 and can get confusing. You can assign different message notification tone for individual contacts.

How to customize Galaxy Note 4 notification tone by changing the default notification tone?

In contacts app, open the contact, tap EDIT, tap more, you can then set message tone for those contact. I have just customised my notification tones so I can personalise my contacts message tones with the tones I have downloaded. Thank you soooo much for explaining it in simple terms of how to do it with the my files app.

Alex D. I am getting so irritated. I have set the notification tones for my individual contacts, but yet I keep hearing the default when a text comes in…. What is going on??? Are you using the default Samsung messages app? Some carriers may customize the messages app and therefore this feature will not work. I really need to assign certain tones to contacts work people who text me. You can set notification tone for calendar events. But you cannot set different notification tone for individual events. In S Planner, tap more in top right, tap settings -notification — notification tone.

So the notification tone for calendar events will be different from other notifications. How can I turn off all audible notifications for a specific contact? I want to hear my regular contacts, but for one contact, I do not want to hear notification when he calls or text me. Then, you can add the contact to Auto reject list. You can record a very short audio just cover the mic with voice recorder app on the phone.

Adding Message Tones to a Samsung Galaxy S4

The use it as the ringtone and message tone for this contact. Unfortunately, Galaxy Note 4 does not offer silent or none as a customized ringtone for contacts. Is there a way to have one sound for your notifications, and one sound for when you get a text message?

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Yes, you can set a different notification tone fire messaging app. In settings — application settings — messages — notifications — notification sound. You can choose a different sound from the default notification tone.