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The two only cons I can find in this phone are the overheating problem and fast battery drain compared to others. Just thought, if Sony was a leader in smartphone at the time like Samsung, we would have already thin bezel phones 3 to 4 years ago. Sony Xperia phones are actually very innovative, just underrated and unpopular due to the lack of support and advertisement.

Excellent phone. While I no longer use it as my main device, it served me as such for almost 4 years and still as backup phone. Writing this comment now with ZL actually, since my HTC is making forever startloop for second time in a year. Bought ZL as new, only changed new battery at some point. Very durable.

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Got to love the size too, wish there were new phones like this available. Nima96, 24 Jun Can you guys please give me a comment about this phone's battery life? I am afraid it won't la There are better options for cheap phones. Can you guys please give me a comment about this phone's battery life? I am afraid it won't last a day because it is only 23xx mAh Please comment.

Bought mine brand new and after 4 years of intense use it's still working perfectly. No memory issues, no freezes. AnonD, 17 Feb The founding father of slim bezel phone! It should be available soon worldwide. But is it worth the cost? Edge-to-edge glass dominates the front, leaving just enough room for the earpiece and mic, with nary a navigation button in sight. Around back the textured plastic tapers just enough to let the speaker do its thing when sitting on a flat surface. A slight curve to the edges makes it comfortable to hold. Combined with the other two buttons on that same side — volume and camera shutter — the edge is a bit cluttered.

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  7. Still, we admire the power button styling. Odd placement is a thing with Sony. The LED notification light is under the display, as is the front facing camera.

    Sony Xperia ZL review: a giant phone in a surprisingly compact frame

    Sadly, this thinness comes at the cost of a removable battery. That screen is not only big, but beautiful as well — rich colors, deep blacks, wide viewing angles, plus full HD resolution. One minor issue: Whatever method Sony uses to vibrate the Xperia ZL for haptic feedback does not work.

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    8. We turned it off. There are a few significant differences that change the way Android works, such as taking Widgets out of the app drawer.

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      Also, the Recent Apps button includes something extra: Small Apps. These are not just shortcuts but simple apps that run on top of others and take up a small portion of the screen. Owners can also customize the default keyboard to a point. Oddly, having comma and period keys is optional. Our suggestion: With the Xperia ZL, Sony reminds us that it once ruled portable music and currently sits atop an entertainment empire.

      Our Xperia ZL review unit is the unlocked version — only one regional carrier has the phone in the U. Along these lines, Sony rebranded the stock music, gallery, and video player apps to Walkman, Album, and Movies, and improved the UI for each. This well-designed news and social network aggregator is similar to BlinkFeed without the annoyances.

      A full-screen widget is available but not necessary and you can easily add your own news sources. The speaker on the back pumps surprisingly loud and decent audio for a smartphone, and listening to music via the headphones is a great experience. With the Xperia ZL, Sony is reminding everyone that they once ruled portable music and currently sit atop an entertainment empire.

      Sony Xperia ZL review: a giant phone in a surprisingly compact frame

      Thus you can easily mirror the phone and the media content on it to a Sony Bravia TV or pair and connect NFC-enabled Sony headphones and speakers with a tap. In a perfect world all these features would work with any modern entertainment gadget. At least Sony is attempting a unified ecosystem so that their own products work together without hassle. It quickly assessed lighting conditions and other factors and switched to the correct mode.

      Burst mode increased speed but the moving objects are full of blur. Video quality is quite good and the microphone surprised us by picking up a dynamic range of sound from loud banging to some wind noise without overemphasizing them or mashing the audio together into a loud mess.

      The front-facing camera is decent enough for video chats and selfies, but the odd placement — the bottom right corner — means that if you try to use the shutter button, your finger ends up in the shot. It ran all the apps and games we threw at it with no problems and overall performed beautifully. Sony sells the phone unlocked and it works with GSM carriers in the U. The fastest result was The slowest was Call quality is good with clear audio coming from the earpiece and the speaker. Our voice came through clearly on the other end as well, even with background noise, though not always crisp.

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      The combo of the quad-core CPU and bright screen strikes again, the latter being the biggest culprit according to the battery utility. The Sony Xperia ZL is almost a great phone. Beautiful screen, attractive design, speedy performance, decent camera. Yet in all of those categories there are a few minor problems that collectively mar the overall experience.

      Any one of them is overlookable, but are they all? Subsidized, the choice is easier to make. The Sony Xperia ZL has a few minor issues, but if you can put up with odd button placement and vibration, this is a solid unlocked phone. Highs Simple and attractive design Light and narrow enough for one-handed use Speedy performance Lots of customization and personalization in the UI Easily connects to other devices in Sony's ecosystem.

      Lows Too many buttons on right side Awkward front camera placement Non-removable battery Vibrating feature is uncomfortable Mediocre battery life. DT Editors' Rating 7. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share.

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