Project management using google apps

It gives you full visibility and control over your tasks. The best choice would have to be the platform that would make the use of Google Apps in your organization more efficient. Feel free to use the tables above to compare. Then, start using the one that would have the most impact to your productivity. For a more comprehensive list of project management software solutions, check our article here: More and more organizations are jumping into Google Apps for Work.

The good thing is project management tools are now integrating with Google Apps. If you use and integrate both tools, it could mean a whole lot to increasing productivity.

Google Project Management Apps

User can create tasks from emails. A button inside of Gmail allows you to create a task. Attach Google Docs to tasks, messages and projects. One click sign in with a Gmail account. This is pretty much a given for all apps that integrate with Google.

Exporting reports to Google Docs Importing Google contacts into your project management app. A great way to expand your user base. Integration with Google Calendar. This allows you to add milestones or due dates on tasks to the calendar.

More collaboration & Google project management features in Wrike

Popular project management tools with Google Apps integration Comindwork is an extensive collaboration platform that aims to have everything you need to manage projects. Leave a reply Cancel reply. ZOHO projects are my all time favorite tools which are helping me to increase productivity.

I have to check other tools which you mentioned above. Thanks for the list though, will definitely try tools and will provide you feedback again here. Thank you: UpVote Reply 0 Upvotes.

Project management

Google Apps provides a less expensive, Web-based alternative to traditional proprietary software. In addition to the standard Gmail, Calendar and Doc features, there are a wide variety of integrated mobile apps available that add functionality to Google Apps.

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These integrated apps also include single sign-on capability, thereby limiting the number of passwords users must remember. UpVote Reply 1 Upvotes. I use Atlassian with some projects as it works better for more technical projects. Highly recommended. UpVote Reply 2 Upvotes.

Powerful Google Project Management Tools

Great comparison and many options to choose from. Though we use a software not listed here - Deskun. It's a simple task management solution within Gmail. We are please with it for now, as it comes at a low price. Simply attach your Google Drive docs to relevant tasks in Wrike, together with your desktop, Dropbox and Box files. You also can schedule, assign and mark tasks as completed right from your inbox. Simply synchronize your plans in just a couple of clicks! All your tasks and milestones from Wrike can easily be incorporated into your Google Calendar, resulting in a single up-to-date timetable.

Wrike is simply the best project management app on the marketplace.

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And I studied over 30 of them! Or sign up for a free trial , if you are not a Google domain admin.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours. Watch an overview video of the premium features 1: Integrate tasks into your calendar Simply synchronize your plans in just a couple of clicks! Download our mobile app for your Android or iOS device. For partners Affiliate Program. Think Again.

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