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Google [Bot] and 1 guest. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy. Change font size Print view FAQs. Data is not working on my factory unlocked iphone 5 with ios 6. I have tried following all APN instructions I found online including net10's instructions , but still won't work. My phone is not jailbroken. It used to work fine when i had apn settings installed from unlockit. Someone please help. Thanks in advance!

It won't enable MMS I don't know how to do that yet but it worked for data on an iphone 4 and an iphone 3. Best of Luck! But I have tried that and it still doesn't work. They seem great about reaching out to customers and potential customers with concerns. Of course it will disable setting APN settings. I can return my unlocked iphone to apple by the 6th, is it best for me to return and wait for the tmobile iphone or this ota make my unlocked iphone work the same?

Do you understand how much this post made my day? Finally after 4 years of not having Visual Voicemail, our time is now. Actually seven markets officially rolled out, and LTE can be found in numerous other spots unannounced as well. As long your device can download the carrier update, you will get Visual Voicemail granted that you have this FREE feature enabled n your account. Group messaging only works if everyone in the group message has an iPhone. Its so annoying. I hope this update fixes that problem and keeps it in one thread.

I hate group messaging. Crossing my fingers…. My thought, too. The carrier update will be applied. Remember that even though only 7 markets are announced as complete, there are pockets of LTE in many other areas where it is still being worked on and many of those areas will be announced as complete in the coming months. Can someone answer my question here. How would I get the OTA to work since the jailbreak disable it? Do i just plug it in iTunes to update?

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Is there any different form the update? I would like to keep my JB but if not i will update. The end user does nothing. Dose this conflict with me doing the early LTE config? Keep what you have for now until they have a changelog and if its different then decide accordingly. But kno the OTA is disable. T-Mobile has always provided great support for the iPhone, even back when you could only jail-break the iPhone to get it. And, I especially appreciate their re-farming efforts to get G3 for my iPhone. Still a little confused , I am not currently with T-Mobile but my carrier leases there towers from them for roaming.

I currently have s tmobile branded Samsung galaxy s 3 and can get 4g speeds with my carrier and when I am in roam I pick up T-Mobile and still. Now I really miss my iPhone and am excited about all the news about the iPhone on T-Mobile but just not sure if I will be able to get 4g or 3g speeds with my carrier using the T-Mobile branded iPhone.. Thats good news. T-Mobile like any other carrier cannot send any update to any iPhone. OS and firmware updates on Apple devices are pushed from Apple and only from Apple.

So the title of this article is wrong. Android to go down hill…: Guys, are you even reading? The carrier update is OTA, it is for 6. You do not need to update update the firmware for this and you do not need to remove your jailbreak. I was just wondering because I know the new iphone coming out will get it. It would be nice to be able to keep my same unlocked iphone 5. You will need to get the new iPhone model coming April 12th otherwise you will only see 3G in refarmed areas.

Will the carrier update push thru to the Verizon iPhone 5 as well? I think it great that tmobile is finally getting the iPhone.

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But the coverage is something people should be worried about. I was with them for 10 years and seen no improvement in the network. They still in the 2G network and their main focus is not the speed of the phone not the phone quality. Paying for the phone full price will not bring a lot if people with drop calls. Something change? However, only look to those options if you need tethering. One side effect: It will get the update but not LTE support.

You are here: Jeff Martinez. The update comes from Apple not T-Mobile. That means all iPhones except the 2G and 3G can get this update. Awesome, well I will continue with my plans to sell. Thanks for the info! I have to wait until current contract expires which is in June. Glad to get this update, but this means no more free tethering.

So you believe everything you read on the web…much less Engadget? I could be wrong! I just did it and it worked perfectly. The only thing that I have had a problem with us getting facetime to work on my phone. I can receive them. Is anyone else having or had this problem? Like I said, everything else seems to be working fine and my wife is able to do Facetime on her phone. Should I try redoing the whole sim swap process? Hi, Please I need help!

Thank you,. Remove unlockit and then follow the instructions in the comments to get this working with gophone. A few people have got it to work. My initial comments indicated that it was impossible, but over time something must have changed from when I had gophone, because people got it to work. I followed what someone above said about installing the APN profile from iapnupdateatt. Yes, 6. Thank you for all the info available on this site! I had to cycle the MMS off and back on, now it works like a champ. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything holds together. I can confirm that this works with IOS 6.

Immediately after the unlock procedure was completed, I restored the phone as new and then restored from my backup. I tried it again. Data and MMS. My son is happy! No more jailbreak issues. That was a pain, having to reboot tethered every time he turned it off. I wanted to share with you what I did to get my mms working. My iPhone 4 sprint is jailbroke using evasi0n the newest 6.

I had the data working but not the mms and it was driving me crazy trying to figure it out. All I had to do with mine was change the apn settings to the one above and reboot. Thanks so much for the accurate info! I am so mad that it is giving me this issue. I have reset all settings ugh… i am so sad…Please what else can I do? Admin thanks for your help and ideas…. I only go back if it doesnt work and I go thru the entire process over. Every time its the old settings that come back. Not sure if that means anything. Must be something to do with red pocket Ive called them a few times…that was useless.

You have a 4S correct? Straight from the red pocket website:. If no value is given, leave the field blank. In the MMS section, enter att. Enter the Username and Password shown below. Enter http: Enter I have a 3gs unlocked got the message in itunes congratulations ur phone is unlocked running 6.

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Have them deleted when I do the sim swap though. Tried turning ph off, install tmobile sim turn phone on, while its searching for signal I get to cellular data tab turn phone off, install red pocket sim and turn on. Before I get to settings phone comes on but reboots by itself. Of course cell data tab is gone by then. Also tried the same as above but waited untill searching went away and tmobile comes up then go to cell data tab, turn off install red p sim turn on… phone comes on but reboots before I can get to settings again.

Im thinking 3gs 6. Doubled checked and I have cellular data on and enable 3g on also. It works great doing the Tmobile sim swap. I find after a few weeks they can not send pic messages to non Iphone users anymore. The data still is fine though. I have to do the swap over to get that feature back. Any help on this? Ive done it a few times now and it only lasts for a few weeks?! Also, you should restart your phone at least once a day to help the settings stick. It works awesome when it does. Its like it expires… You think restarting it more often would help? Look over the requirements in the guide and then follow the guide.

Have an unlocked 3gs. Ive followed the instructions several times and can not get the settings to stick once I change them. Wont work, when I try again looks like the old settings come back up again like nothing changed. Just cant get it to work. Any ideas?? I did but didnt see any. Saw mention of a dec 15 comment but couldnt find anything regarding red pocket settings.

Ive always had the APN att. Every time I go back to try again the old settings come back up. Ive tried using the return key instead of my finger to change things but always get the pdp authentication failure when I try to go on internet with 3g. And I reboot every time. Never navigate back to the cellular data network menu after saving the good settings to check to see if they are saved — this in itself will reset them to the bad settings. Buck On step 11 when I click the blue box in the upper righthand corner I get some prompt Chinese characters and nothing happens.

As soon as I hit it that prompt shows up immediately.

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I tried to quickly hit it twice but nothing. I reinstalled the APN since it is saved by the app, it takes literally 15 seconds but does require a wireless internet connection ; and for more than a month now, it has remained active on my device. Here are the steps I took: Open the app and try to ignore the Chinese characters. Enter the APN code: Enter a Description if you like or as I did leave it blank. Leave Username and Password blank.

Enter the Proxy IP: Enter the Port: Your APN should now be listed on the home screen of the app. Tap on your newly-created APN, and you will be taken to a webpage that asks if you want to install it. Respond in the affirmative, at which point you will get the following warning: Installing this profile will change settings on your iPhone.

However when I load the profile with the http: I have a Verizon iphone 4S and i was successful in unlocking it and setting all the settings. Try turning iMessage off then back on. You can add an email address to use until it activates the number. It can and will get you throttled or service terminated. I did all that but never got a confirmation at the end saying it was unlocked. I know this is probably the last thing you want to hear right now… but try waiting a few days. I did it a few weeks later and it gave me the message.

Did you update to 6. The two questions I have are:. If I backup in iTunes. Sadly, it needs done all over again after every iOS update, restore or if you restore network settings. I installed the iOS6. All I had to do was the SIM-swap again not the whole backup-reset-reload procedure — it only took a minute and all was well. Everything worked without a hitch. All is working fine. Rebooted and couple of times and everything stuck. Thanks for this easy to follow guide! After you get everything entered, back out of all screens then reboot. Admin- whoever you are you are a hero for taking so much time to help with a very maddening problem!

I am trying to get data to work on an iphone 3gs. You could always try to sell it on ebay and use the money to buy a better iphone on craigslist. Thanks for this site! I just had one question to see if anyone else was experiencing the same issue. About every few weeks on my 4s my data and MMS will stop working. Usually it happens while my phone is on. Today I was driving and my data and MMS went out. I just got my SIM card out and did the swap and its back up working. Has anyone else experienced this on a regular basis? Has anyone else experienced this?

Does anyone know a solution or something I may be doing wrong? After a working sim swap, restart your phone each day. Also, when you wander into certain areas that receive heavy use of data and mms i notice mine stops working too for a little bit i think its because actual att users get priority over st users.

I have a iphone 3gs that is unlocked and jailbroke. I have consumer cellular for my carrier. I am trying to get the mms to work for sending pictures. I have changed all the settings in the cellular data network. Any ideas how I can set this picture thing to work? ST was working on my phone phone, text, internet but never mms.

Please help Sensei. I am not satisfied with it. Android is the best I guess. I would not get the iPhone its just too slow. The only problem now is MMS. When you leave blank space, iOS automatically reloads the bad setting areas you left empty right in your face. Let me elaborate: When I modify the att. This leads me to believe I have to discover the wap. This might be hard.

Why does my iPhone 4S have to be this retarded? And regarding the bad settings being loaded in front of you, wait for that to happen first, then input the correct settings. Remove any APN profiles. Do an iTunes restore. Restart your phone. I am using T-Mobile Sim program with straight talk. I have Cut the Sim already but it showing me No Service. I have APN created in my iPhone now. Should I remove it? Please give me some direction so I work on it. So I was having trouble getting my daughters 4S to work with this and I thought maybe she got booted off the network for streaming 3 gbs of netflix over holiday weekend.

So I called them and they gave me http: I tried it on mine after and it worked perfect. Also here is a good way to check if your iphone is unlocked or not. Thanks for sharing! And just a reminder — after a phone has been unlocked, it must be restored from itunes to take effect even if the imei has been unlocked. It currently works but no data and no pic messages. I have an old T-mobile Nokia flip phone sim card I am using but am wondering if it is to old for the settings to appear. Any Ideas?? Yes to both. I ordered a new sim card from T mobile today and will try with that one.

I can only figure the sim I am using might be from before data was available?? Think the problem is the phone is not unlocked. I tried an older 3g and it said it was unlocked when restored. The settings from T-mobile sim card appear on it when it is inserted. I tried the 3gs several times and never got the same unlocked message. So frustrating. Just wanted to say Thanks for the info on your site, works great. Once done worked first try. Please, I need help!!! I already tried everything X times but does not work any time…I have one Iphone 4s unlocked and when I finish to setup the APN information looks like it dont save and looks like I dindt make nothing….

Do you have any idea? After the bad settings load, input the working settings including the UA Prof URL and then navigate back to general settings, reboot, and then use 3G. Reboot your phone at least one a day. Will this process work?? You need a t-mobile sim to get to the menu you need to edit. You first activate your ST sim and get it working, then you sim swap with the t-mobile sim to glitch the menu into appearing while your ST sim is in the phone.

Thank you so much for blonde proofing it for me! So I spent weeks and finally jailbroke it, got my sim and service card, ported over and now thanks to you managed to change my APN settings. I was about to throw my phone through the computer I was so frustrated. So in short, thank you. Sim swap would have worked without jailbreaking. I want to add my two cents. First i want to say that both my apn are set to wap. Second I had my mms proxy set to I over looked that part for days. It has to be set to I can now send and receive mms or pics text.

Thanks for the post!

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That second mms proxy is This here is what I have on my phone. I have an update on my Net10 mms settings. Today i noticed that my mms text stopped working. I have no reason why. I retried following the steps above with the same Net10 setting i posted earlier but without any luck this time. I spent all afternoon trying new methods, and i am glad to say that i found one that works. Cellular Data APN: Just a quick word to say thank you for putting this together. One of them worked like a charm after simply doing the iapnupdate from ST. But the other gave me weeks of headaches until I found your site.

Two minor comments: This was driving me nuts as all web talk I could find was talking about changing these settings. Maybe you could make that clear up in your description some place.

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And until you go through the whole exercise of putting the T-Mobile card in which is later in the description I could not figure out how to do that since the settings were not visible. Maybe that could be clarified a bit also. Great service! A t-mobile sim will. Thanks for the insight. Glad it worked after all was said and done. Followed the instructions from various sites and no luck.

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Wondering if u have any suggestions to make the phone work in the swap. I bought a tmobil sim from a retailer but had to buy it with a phone cost Could that be my problem? Please help. I ordered a micro sim from amazon to see if it was the sim because it might be the sim I bought from a non smart phone kit. When I attempt to do the sim swap I uninstall the apn profile and restart it. I also bought a straight talk micro sim that is what is currently in the phone. No jailbreak is needed for the sim swap. They do this for free. You can also use the unlock service from Ebay that people seem to be having good results with.

Straight Talk is same network as ATT which is why it works for voice calls. Thank you will let u know of the outcome. Went on e-bay spent less than 5 bucks for a factory unlock and inactive t-mobile sim, used your method which worked perfect the first time.

Thanks a ton for a very clear method to get the phone working. Used http: I guess I look like a mark. Factory unlocked i phone 4s. Sim swap method. Used the MMSC http: Let it sit and reboot viola everything works. Thanks a lot!! Had a little trouble at first because for some reason my phone kept resetting. But it works! This method is a godsend, thank you so much!! I believe. Also, how do you know if the phone is unlocked or locked? The previous owner said he believes it is unlocked, but is not exactly for sure. My data works because I am using unlockit, which I understand I need to completely remove before attempting the sim swap.

ATT will unlock your phone for you for free. And YES you need a t-mobile or simple mobile sim — it can be dead or unactivated. Purchased an unlocked iPhone 4 iOS 6. Been using Straight Talk for past year, Got a factory unlocked iphone 3gs for xmas installed my sim and followed your instructions worked like a charm…thanks. Followed your steps to get Data and MMS working. Worked on both phones the very first time. Thanks, would not have had a clue if not for your postings!!

Glad it worked man! Funny… two phones on ST will probably still cost less than one phone on att with the iphone plans. I have a Verizon iphone 4S iOS 6. And this will turn the CDMA portion of the phone off, correct? Will the phone ever loose these settings and have to be reconfigured? For some reason this would work internationally without a jailbreak, but locally i believe it needs one. While connected to WiFi, go to unlockit. I would like to try this method on my Iphone 4. How do you know if the Iphone is unlocked or not? I shut my phone off every night and back on in the mornining.

The phone connects pretty quick without 3g. When I turn 3g on I seem to lose signal strenth, is this typical? Merry Christmas. I have an unlocked iphone 4 Using the sim swap method as outline here, i now have data and mms working. My only problem is cellula data network will not work when 3g data is enabled. A window comes up and says you are not subscribed to a cellular data service could not activate.

MMS works with 3g enabled but i cannot connect to the internet. Any thoughts? Side note: This worked on my iPhone 4, unlocked via ebay vendor UnlockFusion , running ios 6. My phone is activated on Red Pocket. The first attempt I used the information as entered in the main body of this blog entry. The second time I used the values mms proxy I got this to work on the first try with a old nextel sim card I cut down to size. I put it in to test and to my surprise it let me access the menu to change all the settings. Also to have the apn menu not disappear on you simply push the home menu so the window gets minimized then after the swap double click the home button and open back up.

The apn menu will still be there, I did this method and I have not had a problem since. I did this using a Verizon SIM as well. Up and running again, on data and text. Thanks for all of your help! It depends on where in the country you live from my understanding. Everything seems to be working just fine except the ability to send or receive pictures in text messaging. You can find them on ebay for pretty cheap. Go to http: You can proceed with purchase from there. I have the same problem where my APN settings will randomly reset after several days or weeks.

Trying to figure out what the cause of this is. I read several posts above where you mention to power off on a daily basis or so. I will try that out and hope it keeps my APN intact. I usually reboot my iPhones on a daily basis. Read, re-read and re-read the steps again. It works much more smoothly if you can get it IMEI unlocked, trust me.

Thing is, I dont remember which was the last combination of settings and proceedures I had used late last night. And when I did another speed test on an app called speed test or speedtest. I dont know. That sounds super weird. Start with a fresh restart with the ST sim. Do the swap trick again following the guide. Make sure and let the bad settings load on the celluar data network screen while the ST sim is back in the phone. FYI you may have to restart your phone a couple of times a week to really make the settings stick.

If you have a 4S — use it! This worked for me on a factory unlocked Iphone 4 using a cut down T-mobile sim. It was easier than expected, worked first time, and setting have held through a number of shut downs for over a week. I wanted to update everyone on my iPhone 4. Lets see if I do not lose the data after days. I keep up with your post but havent seen anything.. Look through all the comments to make sure. Thank you for this. I have 2 unlocked iPhone 4 phones that I intend to use on ST. Do I need to get setup on ST first before I do the sim swap? Reason I ask is I attempted do the sim swap and was able to edit the cellular settings, but when I rebooted, it still says no service.

Will it say anything else before activating on ST or do I need to get set up to confirm this process worked? Yes, you need to actually activate and pay for at least a month on the ST sim to get it working. The sim swap comes after. What I do is to turn airplane mode on, wait a few seconds, then turn it off.

The phone will reconnect to service and my data will start working again.

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  7. When my phone does lose data, it seems to be when I go from using my home wifi to using a cellular signal. Then I lose Data. I get a no data service error window. The phone is running OS6. It has not been jailbroken. They all say to contact the other….. I have never Unlockit. ST tells me to consider doing this? I would Appreciate Suggestions. And then powering on and off again a few times a week. Yeah, so far so good. A little different than previously when all data would stop. Thanks for everything admin- this is probably the most helpful place online for figuring this all out- Thanks for helping us all out!

    Thanks for letting us know! Has anyone found the fix for data and mms randomly no longer working? I have a Iphone 4 unlocked 6. About every days it quits, i re-do this methode and im good for a week. Seems that people that do this anyways never run into that problem. If it still persists please let me know so that we can collectively figure out how to fix this strange problem.

    How to Setup Net10 Web, Data, and MMS for your iPhone running iOS 6

    I cannot get the cellular data network to show up no matter what I try. It is an iPhone 4 running on 6. Got an unactivated Tmobile my simple mobile sim. Tried all your steps and the cellular data network never shows up. Any advice? They ask you to wait up to 48 hours, just in case they have any issues. The seller I bought from only lists one at a time, so keep checking.