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BBC iplayer download and watch offline find out how

November Tags 1. The BBC have changed the iPlayer feeds without notice to users. The User Manual is your friend Can't find any?

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Join the club, we have all the answers here, occasionally they're even right! Slinky McVelvet - Inventor of the word 'Mellifluous' - BBC no longer support this version of i player: January Pedro wrote Now Sony may claim that this is due to factors beyond their control, and that may be true, but this does not absolve them from their obligations under UK consumer law.

Pedro wrote: Find a Store Find a Store Search. United Kingdom.

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How to fix the disappearing BBC Iplayer App for out of region - GeForce Forums

So thats great then. Well I did try renaming those as well and they also manage to stick 'round after a reboot. Alas though I think these might need a close examination, as apparently these smaller satellite Apps need the larger iPlayer up, and running to call on them. Problem is now that we renamed the iPlayer App to something that doesn't get auto nuked when a fly sneeze's.

The News, and Sport Sections were working again.

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So this looks like there's a broken link somewhere. In the News, and Sports that also needs to be renamed to match whatever it was the original iPlayer App got renamed to.

Oops Perhaps I should try reading the full response before posting. Please P. It's getting near my bedtime now e. Ichijoe Interesting It would also need to re-enable any apps based of a disable trigger on any of the apps.

How long am I able to watch a programme once it's been downloaded?

Are there any app developers out there that could create this? It would be really useful and could enable any of the inbuilt apps to stay without disappearing. Incidentally, the changes I need to make to the apk are in the manifest file - I see there is a reference to; android: LaunchNewsActivity" so I'll try and change this to; android: LaunchNewsActivity" and change; android: LaunchSportActivity" to; android: LaunchSportActivity" I "think" I've been able to make those changes using APK Editor Pro and rebuilt the apk; Please can someone now test to see if this works I'll test later - it needs to have the bbciplayer-renamed.

Ashleynz another approach to all of this which could work would be for someone to create a small Android TV APP which starts at boot time and forcibly enables the packages; com. BBC Sport etc.. The main BBC Player works great though so thanks! Like Us On. Follow Us On. And for those with less cash to waste on such things, and are also smart enough to follow an XDA How-to. Great info and help. This has been driving me crazy for ages. Ichijoe said: You can NOT get to the.

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