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You have no virtual buttons--instead, you move your character by sliding your finger over the left side of the screen, and you aim your weapon and look around by moving your finger over the right side of the screen.

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Moving around is a little difficult initially, but it gets easier very quickly. Although the controls are well implemented, they're definitely not perfect, especially when it comes to aiming and firing your weapon. To pull out your weapon, you tap on the left side of the screen. However, that same action also opens doors and picks up items, and I often found myself bringing up my weapon and shooting it instead of opening doors. This not only annoyed me but also caused me to waste precious ammo.

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Once you get used to the controls, Dead Space is a pleasure to play. The graphics are awesome, and the soundtrack is also very good.

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  • The game suggests that you put on headphones for the best results, and when I tried it with headphones in a semi-lit room, it was certainly creepy if not truly terrifying. I'll admit that I jumped several times while playing this game, but I'm not exactly the strongest person in the face of even mild horror. Dead Space is definitely worth the extra bucks.

    Dead Space Review: Necromorphs Invade Your Android Phone

    You'll get plenty of play time out of this game, and you always have the option of replaying it with all of your upgrades if you happen to finish it too soon. Third-person shooter, full voice acting, two new weapons, visual design comparable to the original, and though the name suggests it's just a port of the original , it's actually a standalone sequel set three years after the events in the original sort of a preamble to Dead Space 2.

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    It comes in two: Yes EA marketing, it's kind of obvious that it's "the first Dead Space storyline ever devised for iOS," and I'm not sure we need you to tell us the sound's "vivid," the graphics "visceral," and the sensory experience "charged. But I'm happy to know you've made it work, somehow, with swipe and tap controls, and that you've added a new weapon called the Plasma Saw and another called the Core Extractor.

    Dead Space Just as Revolting on Apple's iPad, iPhone | PCWorld

    Just a guess, but I assume the latter refers to a mobile version of the first game's planet-cracker, and that I'll be "extracting" stuff from evil animate multi-limbed corpses, not planets. Regarding your "in-game store upgrades," I'm less persuaded, even if they help me "survive the Necromorph onslaught. Isn't that integral to the gameplay? Do I need to pay more for power nodes, weapon enhancements, or, your know, just to unlock doors?

    Can't I do that stuff if I'm good enough without paying? Sure, it'd be cool if paying hard cash for extra leverage worked in real life. But in games, I'm not as sure. I want the game's rules of play to challenge me, not my checking account. Oh who am I kidding.