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Speaking of honoring contracts, you can choose from several different contracts, including sending entire squads of hostiles to another plane of existence also known as killing them , destroying bases, and eliminating high-profile single targets. Assisting you on your assassinating endeavors is a stash of upgradable weapons that includes sniper and assault rifles, tesla guns, heavy guns, and even rocket launchers.

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Check it out. Set in a grim and unforgiving parallel universe completely ravaged by the zombie apocalypse, Last Hope — Zombie Sniper 3D takes you to the desert where the barren landscape is bursting with intestines-thirsty undead. In order to make it out alive, you must fine-tune your skills, upgrade your weapons, collect and combine different items, and experiment with the mysterious artifacts you stumble upon during your gut-wrenching journey.

Zombies, zombies, and more zombies! The sniper-centric installment of the Call of Mini-series drops you right into the plot of an 80s horror B-movie — and also into the middle of an all-out war fought against the living dead. You play as Rod, the sheriff of a serene mountain town called Muerta Vista. Unfortunately for you — and for all of mini-kind — an evil corporation has chosen the mountains as the testing grounds for its latest bioweapon, setting off the zombie apocalypse in the process.

Call of Mini: Sniper comes equipped with cute graphics, 21 weapons, 6 zombie types, gigantic explosions, nonstop survival action, and has the makings of a dangerously addictive game perfect for killing time and zombies.

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In the third part of the legendary Clear Vision-saga, Tyler, the supermarket-cleaner-turned-super-assassin stick figure is living the good life as a merciless contract killer by day and a loving family man by night. Based on a captivating storyline, Clear Vision 3 brings you 55 missions set in a bloody funny game world featuring customizable weapons, plenty of sharpshooting action with wind and distance calculation, boatloads of blood and gore, and animated cut scenes.

There are quite a lot of epic missions to get through! Sound effects and graphics are top-level. Download Boss Strike and start fighting purse-proud criminals now! This is, of course, the list of free sniper games, however, this app is very cheap at the moment less than a dollar , so we decided to share it as well. Besides, not many people enjoy viewing ads in the intervals between missions — if you are one of them, this is a great chance to get a cool sniper game without too much waste!

Kill high profile targets with cold blood knowing that they are not poor victims but rather sly lawbreakers, hard nuts to crack.

Bullet Strike: Sniper Games - Free Shooting PvP Android Gameplay

The game will surprise you with zombie survival mode, so if you are up to some exotic adventures, they are on their way! If you get the game, of course. Kill Shot Bravo is a rather comprehensive sniper game app. For starters, it consists of at least 3 modes! You can either build up a career or join online battles — in PvP or alliances modes. As for the career mode, all the usual stuff that we love is present — go through bosses, complete over missions! By the way, this one not only deals with sniper rifles, it also provides players with cutting-edge military gear, including machine guns and other things like that.

While playing, you can find yourself in a number of beautiful 3D locations.

Sniper Fury

Upon the whole though, the game, like many other games above, focuses on waging wars against evil enemy forces. Due to the two online modes present in the game, the app provides you with an ability to create a profile with name, avatar and all of that.

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Last Hope is an amazing 3D sniper game. The game puts you in a desert, one-on-one with hungry zombies. Your goal is, well, at least to stay alive! As you wade through the wasteland, you level up your survival skills and learn more about the reasons why human civilization has turned into such a disaster.

At first, you are guided by your old friend who miraculously stayed among the living. All the usual stuff that accompanies this type of games is present here as well — achievements, upgradeable weapons, leaderboards and so on. Zombie Hunter is an alternative to the walking dead sniper game above. This one is great in its own way. The civilization is not completely destroyed yet. There are some civilians and some zombies.

Every second counts! Work out strategies, stay alert, select targets and shoot! You can go on different kinds of missions, such as campaigns, weapons test, speedy zombies, etc. Some of the missions include striking zombies from a helicopter! How cool is that? Get the game and explore them all! Deer Hunter is a name that speaks for itself.

We are speaking of virtual reality, of course. If you want to hone your sniper skills in this way, Deer Hunter is one of the best apps to put your intentions into reality! The app allows you to hunt with dogs, to hunt underwater, to experience historical hunts and more.

The missions take place in beautiful locations all around the world — from Africa to Alaska. So, if you are not so sensitive as I am when it comes to killing animals, check out this game! If you are, on the contrary, one of those who feel compassion towards animals, just scroll up or down for other games! This one is pretty simple.

15 Free sniper games for Android & iOS

Some are easier and some are more complicated to kill, which makes this game suitable for gamers of a specific type. There are a lot of games which feature the same gameplay, but the Sniper Fury is slightly different. The game comes with more features than most other developments have to offer. Then we have the fact main menu is wonderful and futuristic. Despite the fact there are a lot of games of this kid, the Sniper Fury brings to us a lot of nice features. It allows you to watch how a bullet is traveling and hitting a target.

It is especially beneficial when you are performing headshots or difficult shots.