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While secondhand mobiles are usually sold with the data removed, canny sellers will have been able to wipe the phone and then install an existing copy of the game from their desktop computers.

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Promoting Flappy Bird as a selling point may be simply a way of shifting a phone they were selling already. One auction, however, seems to be exploiting the popularity of the game to an extreme. It is not clear whether fraudulent bids have inflated the price, but the auction is due to end at Some sellers have also listed unauthorised sales of the Flappy Bird game for Android, taking advantage of the demand for the app now that it is no longer available via Google Play or the Apple App Store. In an interview with Forbes , Nguyen cited the game's addictive nature for its cancellation, stating: But it happened to become an addictive product.

I think it has become a problem. To solve that problem, it's best to take down Flappy Bird. It's gone forever.

This cash-for-gadgets site is paying extra for phones with Flappy Bird

In a March interview with Rolling Stone , Nguyen refused to rule out re-releasing Flappy Bird , on condition that it would come with a warning to "Take a break". Shortly after the game's removal, security researchers warned that some versions of Flappy Bird and its imitators available on alternative Android app stores have been found to contain malware that can lead to unauthorised charges to a user's phone bills.

The number matching game Threes has been compared to Flappy Bird because of the similarities between how people react to them and by the chain of clones that they are both respectively part of. In February , the non-profit computer science education organization Code. An Easter egg in Android Lollipop version 5. Despite criticizing its playability and its "no skill" requirement, IGN noted that the gameplay made it "an addictive short-term distraction" for the casual skill and score-obsessed players.

Nolan Bushnell , the creator of the video game Pong , compared Flappy Bird to his own game by claiming that "simple games are more satisfying". When questioned at the time by Chocolate Lab Apps, a website for app developers, Nguyen claimed to have used no promotional methods in the marketing of Flappy Bird.

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He credited the sudden rise in the game's popularity in early to possibly "luck". The game was criticised by Kotaku for what it claimed was open use of Mario -style graphics, [54] referring to it as "ripped-off art". It later published a correction , clarifying that the game's green pipe was "a new albeit unoriginal drawing". Cactus , from the gameplay by tapping on the screen to the main character design a small yellow bird with big red beak to the obstacles green cacti and pipes.

Creating the Flappy Bird Game in Flash and exporting them in Android or iOS 3/6

Cactus and confirmed that the similarities between the two games are astonishing. The French developer of Piou Piou vs. Cactus , known as Kek, told Pocket Gamer that he, too, noticed that Flappy Bird is "very similar" to his earlier game, but when he contacted Nguyen about it, Nguyen claimed that he did not know anything. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The item still had six more days left for bidding. They said that you can't sell phones with apps. Which doesn't make sense to me because every iPhone has apps and they sell millions of them on EBay," Los Angeles Times said quoting Vasil Kiniv, the seller of the device, as saying. Flappy Bird caused a sensation after rising from obscurity to become one of the most downloaded mobile games on both Apple and Google's online stores.

You can't actually sell your Flappy Bird phone on eBay

The success of the game that based its appeal on being simple and also maddeningly difficult made its creator Nguyen Ha Dong, 29, a minor celebrity. Users have to steer a bird between green pipes. The game was downloaded more than 50 million times on App Store alone.