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Will definitely be getting this on my phone asap. Depending on where you you, I bet it helps with trying to learn a bit of the local language also! They were driving all the way down to South America. Just a small correction, the spanish graffiti says: I love Google Translate and its many useful features! It has helped me translate questions to Hungarian and read signs written in French.

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I really had to laugh at the Hebrew toilet signs! The step-by-step guide is handy! Appreciate all the insight — will be helpful in the future for sure! Interesting blog. I have used google translate many times to read reviews for accommodation which are written in other languages.

Best Offline Travel Apps: No Network Required

Ive found the writing option faster for me than typing. But recently i bought a new light weight iPad to take to Europe. I was able to download Italian and French but when I have tried to use them offline they do not work.

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Have been unable to find a solution to this after reading many forums regarding this problem. I leave in a few days and Im pretty frustrated! Downloading Google Translate offline for Japanese is also a good […]. Your email address will not be published. You are here: This post may contain affliate links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases if applicable. A Malta itinerary on things to do in Malta without a car. Can you bring me to the police station in Dutch.

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Instant while hovering over the image. Press the camera icon to take a photo of it then highlight the text! Related Posts. Amsterdam on a budget: One day a year, the Netherlands becomes a st The most beautiful temples in Kyoto, the city of a thousand temples One of the highlights of Japan is visiting the temples in Kyoto without question. Once famous for being the capital of Japan, Kyoto packs Previous Post: All searched words or phrases are saved in a history panel so that you can return and see them again.

Besides the traditional writing, the application permits handwriting, voice recognition and optical character recognition. The last one, abbreviated to OCR, is a method to translate text from a picture or handwritten text and to use it, just select the camera icon within the program. Till recently, an internet connection was necessary to use this application. Fortunately, now it can also be used offline by downloading language packs that have sizes between and MB.

Best Offline Travel Apps: No Network Required

They are available in a great number over 50 , but be aware because they are not as comprehensive as the online ones. Bing Translator is a useful application made by Microsoft which can perform translations in 43 languages. This application goes beyond the basic functions and allows three different input methods: Once the languages are set, they can be easily changed between them with only a tap of a button. The camera input represents the most interesting feature because unlike other applications that take photos and send them to their servers, Bing Translator directly translates on the screen any text written in the specified input language.

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  • Thanks to its features, it can continuously translate in only seconds. Another impressive feature is the offline support. Bing Translator has a dozen of downloadable dictionaries and developers are working to add more in the near future.

    Updated Google translate app doesn't need Internet

    This application is available only for Windows Phone users and it can be downloaded for free from the official store. All you have to do is select the output language, speak a sentence and the application will translate aloud. It supports 21 languages from which only a dozen have the speech feature implemented and for the others translations are shown as a text. The voice recognition system is very good and also shows the given and the translated text on the screen.

    The nice thing is that you will have only to speak and the application will automatically translate. Once launched, the application will show two circular microphones similar to Siri with a flag overlaid which indicates the input and the output languages. After pressing the microphone and speaking your sentence the application will transform it in text which will be shown on the screen. In case the application misses a word or it misunderstood the phrase, tap the part of the screen where it is and correct it. Voice Translate Pro simplifies the whole process of translating words or phrases.

    Pleco Android, iOS; pleco. WayGo is working to add Western languages this year, according to the company. This is handy and quick for conducting a text message conversation with a foreign language speaker. You can translate any replies back into English. You can also switch translation engines between Google and Bing Translator, the engine that Twitter uses to translate tweets automatically.

    The idea is simple and time-saving: Just talk into the phone or iPad mic and the app translates.

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