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With your physical document now digitized on your iPhone or iPad we can now fax it. Simply go to the captured image and select More in the bottom menu. Next, tap the Fax option and enter in the Country, Fax number, and range of pages needed to be faxed. Sorry, this is not going to be free, no matter where you look. CamScanner charges a fee for each document you send. All you need is a digital copy of your document on your iPhone or iPad and you can use CamScanner or FaxFile to fax it wherever it needs to go.

Sign up for our iPhoneHacks Daily newsletter to get the top Apple news stories delivered to your inbox. Designed by Blog Consulting. While email makes sending documents and files extremely simple, there still are times when sending a classic fax is the only solution. I wish I could tell you that your iPhone and iPad have a built-in fax service, but they do not. Instead, we are going to need another app. How to fax a document from your iPhone or iPad Step 1.

Send a Free Fax Using Your Google Gmail Account

Download the free app If you have the document already on your phone you can skip to the next step. Step 2. Once you receive your fax, we will notify you via the app and your email. We also store your fax on your smartphone and forward a copy to you via email. Quick and simple! We even notify you with a special fax alert tone. Alongside free faxing support, free users are allowed to send up to 5 pages of free faxes and receive 25 pages of free faxes, per month. You do not need to worry about hidden fees - FaxBurner generously gives you 25 fax pages a month for receiving and 5 fax pages lifetime for sending.

FaxBurner also offers several affordable premium packages if you require more pages, a permanent number, or advanced features. The free version may not always be available so be sure to download your app today!

Send and receive free faxes to your email or iPhone. Start faxing in about 30 seconds…

FaxBurner is also conveniently integrated with common apps such as Dropbox for even easier faxing. For small business owners, FaxBurner is the perfect solution to help you significantly cut down on costs. With its easy to use interface and design, you can send a free fax in just a few simple steps.

You can select the pages to fax from your phone gallery or simply snap a photo of your document. Easily sign and complete forms and fax them back to your recipient without ever needing to print a single page.

Fax Online Or By Email

Congratulations, you have just sent your first free fax with FaxBurner. With this completely easy to use and reliable app, you can be done in about 30 seconds. And, you save paper, ink, and energy in the process. With FaxBurner, sending faxes has never been easier.

No Fax Machine Required

Email to fax technology has eliminated the need for businesses or individuals to own a fax machine or a phone line. Go ahead and shelve that old fax machine. Not only does Fax Burner simplify the process of sending a fax, it also significantly reduces the costs of owning and buying a fax machine. All you need is a smartphone, email account and an internet connection to enjoy affordable or free faxing. Just like that, you can turn your Android device or iPhone into a machine for free faxing.

Upon registration, you are given a 24 hour disposable fax number. Request a new one whenever you need it. For more established businesses who would like to keep their fax number, FaxBurner also offers a range of packages to accomodate the sending and receiving of pages per month. With our technology, you get to enjoy a whole new world of convenience.

Fax from iPhone

Who needs to be in the office to receive a fax anymore? Why waste time and space on noisy, clumsy and wasteful fax machines? This revolutionary app technology eliminates unnecessary printing and wasted paper , with your faxes stored securely in the cloud. FaxBurner is simply the most convenient way to go. Larger businesses tend to receive a larger amount of faxes as compared to a newly-formed organization. Thus, it would not be cost effective to invest in a fax machine and fax number for the very occasional use by many small-medium businesses.

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However, as a business owner, you would most likely still need to send and receive faxes from time-to-time. A savvy business owner would most likely gravitate towards the option which provides the best of both worlds. In this case, FaxBurner is just the solution for you. With FaxBurner, you receive a free fax number that is disposable after 24 hours.

Fax from iPhone with no subscription, quickly and easily

You will not need to commit to purchasing a fax machine or registering a phone number. Enjoy all this commitment-free with no monthly fees or hidden charges. Request a new free fax number whenever you need one. If you wish to retain your free fax number, or accommodate a larger number of pages, simply upgrade to the premium plan. Free Fax Numbers Send and receive free faxes to your email or iPhone. Happy Faxing. Seamlessly turn your iPhone, iPad or email inbox into a fax machine.

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